Property24, MSGRDC brings much-awaited, exclusive property auction


Moving forward at an astounding pace, the Philippine real estate industry is contributing a lot to the 6.3% growth of the country’s economy in the last quarter of 2015. It was a major contributor to the 4th quarter surge with a growth of +7.9%. To enhance and reinforce the active participation of real estate in the economic growth and nation-building, industry groundbreakers like Philippine Asset Growth One Inc. (PAGOI) and Philippine Asset Growth Two, Inc. (PAGTI) are offering select premium properties in what promises to be a major “event”.

(L-R) Benjamin Sevilla, Ramil Alquileta & Jean Reyes

(L-R) Benjamin Sevilla, Ramil Alquileta & Jean Reyes

Property24, the country’s leading online property, and one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the Philippines, My Saving Grace Realty and Development Corp. (MSGRDC) will be having a series of auctions of exclusive properties from the two companies.

There are various types of real estate assets all over the country and PAGOI and PAGTI are engaged in purchasing, managing and developing these assets. With the support of a group of investors and managers backed with a successful 10-year track record in the field, these two companies will be providing creative solutions that will surely generate value, contributing to the social, environmental and developmental progress of the country.

(L-R) Ramil Alquileta, Chared Buan, Lalaine Polancos, Benjamin Sevilla & Jean Reyes

(L-R) Ramil Alquileta, Chared Buan, Lalaine Polancos, Benjamin Sevilla & Jean Reyes

The properties being auctioned are located in the prime areas of NCR and all over Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Award-winning broker Ramil Alquileta and MSGRDC, together with Property24, will give prospective property investors the opportunity to own the best residential, commercial and industrial properties anywhere in the country.

Auctions will be held starting May 28, 2016 at the Max’s restaurant located at Jupiter St., Makati City with succeeding auctions slated on July and August.


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