Tenant Representation ServicesTenant Representation Services

The objectives of controlling occupancy costs, maximizing productivity, employee recruitment, and customer perception, will demand expert knowledge, creative and sophisticated solutions. In order to reach an equitable solution to your office space requirement, the corporate tenant needs access to market information, transaction expertise, and negotiation skills to match up with the landlords nowadays who are increasingly relying on their own professional representation.





Investment Services addresses the requirements of foreign and local investors, funds or individuals, whether in acquisitions, dispositions, or refinancing. We have intimate knowledge of the Philippines’ capital markets which we will leverage to achieve the desired return objectives. Our expertise in this area also meets the needs of developers and land owners who would like an independent and highly-skilled third party to study the market for development opportunities, prepare the financial analysis and test the results against various situations, manage and implement a marketing program, and achieve the results set out in the planning stage.



Research And ConsultancyResearch and Consultancy

The Research & Consultancy business line includes project feasibility studies, highest and best use studies, general market studies, and development consultancy. We undertake research studies through property market surveys and supply-demand analysis using primary and secondary data, and technical and financial analysis. The in depth research that we conduct enables us to gather data that we in turn process and use to generate reports that add value to the project.



Industrial ServicesIndustrial Services

Our industrial expertise spans all sub-sectors of the industrial market. We search for viable sites for locators, acquire industrial assets and investment opportunities for investors, and dispose of high-tech manufacturing facilities, warehouses, or other idle or underutilized for sellers.