An emerging opportunity in new normal learning

Fulfill your passion for education as Kumon Franchisee-Instructor
Quality education is an essential that children deserve to easily access and avail. Numerous educational programs and initiatives see this tremendous demand. Yet, Kumon, now with 27 years of service in the Philippines, sets itself apart with its capabilities in honing not only the academic skills of students but also the educational careers of instructors.
One of the leading educational franchises globally, Kumon continues to make an impact in the industry — from starting as a Math and Reading program in Japan to expanding into a well-known educational program that helps develop children’s academic abilities worldwide.
Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, which drastically impacted people’s routines and preferences, including how classes and other learning activities were performed, Kumon was able to adapt and embrace digital transformation. Kumon quickly shifted to online classes with their students using their preferred application, whether it’s Zoom, Messenger, or Google Meet. Moreover, the franchise applications shifted online as well, with the franchise orientation, test and interview, and training all taking place in online sessions via Zoom, making sure that acquiring franchisees won’t stop even during the pandemic.
This transformation is seen to shape the new normal of learning as it turns into hybrid, allowing learners to develop their academic skills whether face-to-face or online. Online, learners will have to complete Kumon worksheets as their daily tasks, and they also participate in scheduled one-on-one online sessions with a Kumon Instructor to complete the worksheets. Under a limited face-to-face setup, meanwhile, learners will complete their daily tasks, but the only difference is that they will be doing so at Kumon centers based on their schedule; and Kumon Instructors will mentor learners while following health protocols.
Becoming a franchisee-instructor
The new normal in learning is also providing an opportunity for educators and even non-educators to venture their own learning center business and equip the next generation with the learning skills they need. Kumon is opening such paths as it creates employment opportunities and develops a career path for aspiring franchisee-instructors who want to live out their passion for teaching children.
At Kumon, they have a chance to deal with children of different ages with different learning situations and abilities, which fulfills their passion for teaching as they provide individualized instruction that suits each child’s learning abilities and will help each child reach his or her full potential.
Living up to Kumon’s standards as a leading educational franchise, franchisee-instructors are expected to have enthusiasm and passion for teaching, excellent interpersonal and adaptability skills, and a willingness to commit full-time to Kumon.
Becoming a Kumon Franchisee-Instructor not only teaches but also provides the best learning experience to every learner. Thus, Kumon ensures that its instructors develop the right skills and abilities through comprehensive training sessions; regular consultations with area development managers; the opportunity to participate in local and international conferences, seminars and training; as well as marketing support to further develop their instructional and management skills.
In addition, Kumon is looking for franchisee-instructors who are preferably female, between 25 to 45 years of age, college or university graduates, have good Math and English skills (which will be examined on the date of the orientation), and holds Filipino citizenship.
Begin fulfilling your passion for educating with Kumon. Apply for a franchise at
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