Gokongwei-led RLC Residences launches new premium property

By Delta Dyrecka Letigio | Sun Star
April 14, 2023

THE Gokongwei-led RLC Residences has launched its newest property in Mandaue City, Cebu: Mantawi Residences.

Designed to be a premier development, Mantawi Residences is a modern high-rise that offers elegantly designed units with digital upgrades, as well as a variety of upscale facilities—including playgrounds, swimming pools, gyms, and other lifestyle amenities—that provide a curated living experience for its residents.

The best of two cities

Strategically located along Ouano Avenue, Mantawi Residences is situated at the meeting point of the cities of Mandaue and Cebu, making it a prime location. While recognized as an industrial zone, Ouano Avenue is now progressing rapidly into another urban center and is becoming the main gateway of travel to and from Cebu City. Situated at the center of these two economic powerhouse cities, Mantawi Residences is the prime spot for progress.

Cebu City is the biggest and most potent market for residential developments in the Visayas region, driven by increased commercial activity, demand for leisure properties, and remittances from overseas Filipino workers. Take-up for upscale and luxury residential developments within the city has even increased from 6 percent to 24 percent in 2021 for upscale and 2 percent to 6 percent for luxury.

Meanwhile, the Mandaue Government’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan covers urban-renewal programs that will further fuel the development of the area. These include the movement of the Cebu International Port to Consolacion or Tayud in 2024, the recently completed Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway, the Metro Cebu Expressway, and recently started Cebu Bus Rapid Transit system.

Additionally, the Global City Mandaue Corporation recently launched a premier waterfront development reclaiming 101 hectares of land and will house three districts: Civic (new Mandaue City Hall), Commercial (retail and hotel), and a waterfront luxury district.

Beyond this strategic location, Mantawi Residences also offers expansive units that come with upgraded home furnishings, offering exceptional living spaces for residents to fully enjoy their best lives.

The development further sets itself apart with its 1.3-hectare amenity area, which will soon be home to a plethora of hyper-sized and above-standard facilities, as well as upscale retail spaces at the ground floor, keeping both everyday needs and luxuries within reach.

Exceptional homes made for Cebuanos

As a member of the Gokongwei Group, RLC Residences aims to transform the Cebu residential landscape to create communities that empower residents to live smart and productive lives, while staying connected to the people and places that matter most to them.

The patriarch of the Gokongwei family, the late John L. Gokongwei Jr. notably began his entrepreneurial journey in Cebu, and the esteemed group aims to continue his legacy through various development projects that best reflect his vision for success.

With properties such as Mantawi Residences that are set in prime locations filled with opportunity and are designed with high-quality features, future residents of this emerging city are set to find a space of their own that supports them in their own quests for progress and achievement.


Source: https://www.sunstar.com.ph/article/1958556/cebu/feature/gokongwei-led-rlc-residences-launches-new-premium-property