“If I can refer a client to another CCIM in the Philippines and have a successful transaction with someone I don’t even know, then I can complete a deal with any CCIM anywhere,” says Chris Bogenrief, CCIM (right), of NAI United in Dakota Dunes, S.D.

“That right there shows the true power of the pin.” Bogenrief recently received a request from a local residential agent to help his client sell a resort in the Philippines. With Bogenrief unable to broker the international sale, he took to CCIM Institute’s member database, where he discovered Trent Frankum, CCIM (left), of Tan, Frankum & Associates in Makati, Philippines.

“ gives a local practitioner an opportunity to market themselves to 13,000+ professionals around the world,” Frankum says. And he did just that.
Bogenrief knew that a CCIM would be the best referral for the client. “The CCIM designation not only has given myself a lot of confidence, but it also gives me a lot of confidence in anybody else that carries that designation,” Bogenrief says.

“I knew Trent would be a great referral since his designation shows me he’s serious about commercial real estate and understands investment properties because he has the CCIM education.”
Frankum closed the more than $2 million sale of a 538,000-sf undeveloped beachfront property in Puerto Princesa, Philippines. Both Bogenrief and Frankum credit the CCIM designation for playing a vital role in this sale.

“I believe the immediate respect you share with other CCIM members is a fitting example of the return on investment that the CCIM designation offers,” Frankum says.

Source: CCIM Deal Makers | Sept/Oct 2018